Who We Are

Imagine feeling worthless because you have HIV, and you were born in a society that abandoned you because of it. Where would your hope come from? This is what drives our mission. Children who had nothing to do with their dire situation but who have to live and suffer with HIV often in isolation.

Champions for Life is a psycho-social support program for teenagers living with HIV headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe we are in 11 nation South and East African Countries. Growing up with HIV is challenging. The stigma, hurt and rejection associated  with HIV crushes the children’s hearts. HIV erases their self-esteem, making them feel unloved and unwanted.

Champions empowers young people to face their giants and it accepts them as they are. Champions shows the children love by teaching them they are valuable and have a purpose in life. This program brings back a smile to faces of thousands of children. In the past 10 years, Champions has reached over 15,000 children in Southern and East Africa – changing lives, transforming communities. Children within the Champions program have a stronger aptitude for life, take  their medications on time and have healthy relationships.

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